Hay AAC 53 Soft - Mode 26--0
Hay AAC 53 Soft--1
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Hay AAC 53 Soft - Mode 26
Hay AAC 53 Soft - Mode 26--0
Hay AAC 53 Soft--1
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Hay AAC 53 Soft

Hersteller: HAY
Designer: Hee Welling
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Polished Aluminium - Mode 26
  • Lieferfrist: 2-4 Wochen
  • Artikelnummer: Hay AAC 53 Soft


The softness and warmth of the quilted shell modifies the executive weight of the AAC Soft 53 chair, bringing a welcoming expression to the otherwise functional and technical genre of office chairs. Retaining the same curved shell and unified silhouette that characterises the entire series, the design features a five-legged castor base with a gas lift that can adjust the seat height by a range of 14 cm. The base is available in polished or powder-coated aluminium, and the shell is offered in a variety of upholstery options, providing a multitude of design combinations that give the chair versatility in a wide range of corporate, public, and private contexts.



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