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Hay Aal 83 Soft Duo

Hersteller: HAY
Designer: Hee Welling
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  • Artikelnummer: Hay Aal 83 Soft Duo


The AAL 83 Soft Duo fuses the minimalist, more angular aesthetics of the moulded plywood frame with the softness and warmth of the quilted shell in contrasting materials. Retaining the same compact body, shaped armrests, and simple, sculpted design that characterise the rest of the lounge series, this design features a solid base with angled legs that slant slightly outwards for optimal stability. The base is available in different finishes and the quilted shell is offered with two different textiles or leathers to create a unique look that works equally well in corporate, public, or private contexts. /Please note that more configurations are available than the options shown here.



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